Reseller Program

Does your business offer package deals to clients? Let us design a custom website or provide other online services as part of your package.

Website building is the primary means by which the business world reaches into the virtual marketplace, but it is not the only aspect of the modern business world. If you deal with clients in other business areas, web related or not, and want to run a streamline operation where you are their sole service provider, then reselling our web operations can be a great approach.

Hand you clients a complete business operation with a complete and fully functional website, including content management. No need to design the site or its details yourself; we design a site according to the business operation you set up for your customers. You can use our experience and reliability to complete the package you provide for your customers. Use our hosting and support resources to provide more internet capabilities to your customer than most non-specialist companies could.

We remove the need to run your own web-design department, and the hassle of micromanaging staff or setting up an additional department in your company. Setting up and running a web-design department is impractical, if not impossible for many smaller businesses; there is no way to tell if your new employees are capable or reliable unless you have extensive knowledge in web-design yourself. And making mistakes in this area is costly, time consuming, and quickly damaged your company’s reputation. Let us take care of the web development so you can concentrate on your areas of expertise.

Using us for several of your clients has multiple advantages. You can have administrative control of all of your clients’ websites; you can streamline your business operations considerably by only dealing with the one internet provider, who has proved reliable; and you can receive substantial discounts on our services than increase as you bring more customers on board.

We aim to provide a long-term relationship for your business and clients, and provide economical web services that prove profitable to you as a reseller. As an Australian based company we are easy to reach and communicate with, something that foreign outsourced services cannot always claim. This translates to a more economical and direct service for you. Concentrate on your business speciality and let us add to your good reputation with our own area of expertise. We are that missing element that makes your client’s operation complete.

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