Think you have what it takes to work the digital marketing World? We are always on the lookout for talent and enthusiastic team players.

Be part of an exciting rising company. Be part of an organisation that leads others companies to their potential. We believe our employees are the future of the ever expanding internet. And the ever expanding industry needs new ideas and creative approaches.
At GNA we believe in:

Innovation: It’s never enough to just move an idea from one media to another. If the medium has its limits we need to develop ideas that transcend those limits, develop new media whose limits haven’t yet been reached. Our Emarketing doesn’t just put advertising copy on the net; we take the company into the infinitely changing world on line.

Accountability And Integrity: Honesty and fairness to each other and our customers. We believe in doing as much as possible with each situation, and that the only the best and most honest approach gives results that interact optimally with an integrated system. Get the details right, get the totality full integrated. See how each decision affects every part of a system.

Teamwork: With mutual trust and respect individuals can achieve far more with group collaboration than they could with just their own resources. Learn approaches that would otherwise have eluded you; build on the ideas of others or find the concept that starts a major innovation. Be individual and interconnected at the same time.

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