Google Trusted Stores

Google offers this service to online retailers. The Google Trusted Stores Application Service shows customers that an online shopping site has proved reliable for several hundred transactions over a period of at least a few months. It also offers a measure of protection should issues with a transaction ever arise.

This trusted stores service requires registration and the addition of a small amount of code to your website. It also requires us to provide some basic information about you and your site. There are a few restrictions and requirements for acceptance by this Google service:

  • Checkout pages require HTTPS security and appropriate encryption
  • There can be no sale of restricted products such as firearms or tobacco
  • There should be about 200 monthly transactions, or more
  • Shopping basket/checkout pages should be the same domain as the rest of the store.
  • Delivery information must prove reliable
  • Any customer support should be answered within 24 hours of request

Online retailers have found that using the Google Trusted Stores Application Service increases conversion rate and average order size by a significant amount. Customers know that they can trust a certified site.

The increased conversion and click through rates afforded by this service can significantly benefit Google search page positions. Additionally, site owners can access all customer reviews of their services, which is a great tool for improving your company’s business.

Certification of your store’s status with Google appears as a badge in the lower right hand corner of your site, but this badge can be repositioned at the site owner’s discretion. Certification also appears with your Google Adwords and Google Shopping displays.

Depending on the number of transactions your site receives the approval time for the Trusted Stores Service can vary. Sites should expect to process about one thousand orders before they are approved.

As an added benefit the Google Trusted Stores Application service provides up to $1000.00 optional protection for orders with proven faults, at no extra cost to the site owner.

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