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GNA eMarketing offer professional Google Adwords Management. Google Adwords involves paying for your website to attain an eye catching position on the relevant results page of a search engine. For each visitor that clicks on your website you are charged at a specified rate.

The benefit of Google Adwords is that you only pay as you go, but if the account is set up poorly you may find yourself spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month with little or no boost in sales. Receiving an efficient response from Pay per click requires specific techniques and skills.

GNA eMarketing is able to help you develop an effective Pay per Click Display Network Remarketing Campaign for your business. As a Google Adwords certified partner you can be confident that you get the best results from our PPC strategies.

GNA eMarketing are Google Adwords Certified experts. We are official Google partners.

To optimise your Adwords Remarketing campaign we focus on:

  • Increasing your businesses conversion rate
  • Increasing quality score.
  • Decreasing the Cost Per Click
  • Increasing the Ad position
  • Design effective Ad banners
  • Optimising the landing page for quick load times, keeping the client on your site.

We can optimise for smaller budgets to provide effective Adwords management solutions, even in competitive areas of the industry. Get more than just some passing attentions, get leads that convert to real business.

Effective campaigns are a mixture of tried and true business practices and keeping on top of the current trends. Search engines techniques and ideologies are constantly being upgraded. Approaches the worked a few years ago, approaches that stuffed websites full of seemingly appropriate keywords, are no longer approved of by Google engines, and always tended to attract large numbers of uninterested parties anyhow. Google Adwords is far beyond this. We use the right balance of keywords for your site, and a constantly updated list of negative keywords to preclude uninterested traffic from stumbling upon your site and costing you money. Reviewing constant feedback from the statistics of the Adword site itself we constantly upgrade you campaign to keep your company’s competitive edge.

Correct Google Adwords Pay Per Click management can very quickly generate traffic. It can control visitors effectively, but has to be handled the right way. It takes a great deal of experience and work to establish a cost effective campaign. Mistakes can be expensive and actually bring uninterested traffic. Our professional approach can bring the target audience to your business, all while getting the maximum value out of your advertising budget. Each company needs and receives a tailor made campaign designed to reach only the audience interested in their services.

1. Free Consultation

  • Understanding your Business
  • Setting Up Goals and Objectives
  • Explanation of work, time taken and cost involved

2. Campaign Start

  • Content Optimisation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Searching suitable Display Channels

3. Maintenance & Reporting

  • Continual Improvement
  • Web Analytics
  • Reporting on key SEO metrics and competitors

Package Description One off Setup Price
(incl. GST)
Setup Service Details Monthly Management Fee
(incl. GST)
Monthly Management Service Details

Monthly Budget Up to $500 $220
  • Website Analysis
  • Display Network Research
  • Campaign Creation
  • Ad Group Creation
  • Maximum CPC Configuration
  • Configuring Position Preference
  • Configuring Display Time
  • Task Reports
  • Location Target Marketing
  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Enable Remarketing
  • Display Network Research
  • Creation of New Ads
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Email / Phone Support

*Please note that the above price guideline is for reference only. The price is subjected to change based on specific functions and requirements.

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