Online Marketing

Even the best company is held back if the world doesn't know about them. Reach the world and target the right customers with our online marketing.

Integration is the key to online marketing. Each online marketing channel has different strengths and weaknesses. As each medium effectively supports one another through fully integrated online marketing strategies, a synergy will be created between the diverse markets. There is no doubt that the more you integrate, the more you draw traffic and your return on investment.

We are specialised in digital marketing and provide various innovative solutions across all digital channels, including search engines, web connections, social media and email and mobile platforms.

Social Media exposure gets you notice by peers. If you’re about fashion and trends social media is great for finding more customers like the ones already benefiting from your products.

Blog entries for your business get you exposure for those interested in your general field. People wanting to keep up to date with their line of work or personal pursuits read blogs, and if you’re part of those blogs then your part of want they’re interested in. when these individuals need a product or service a blog has made sure they already know who you are.

Google Ads Google’s useful but tricky way to get search engine queries to your site. The paid Ads sites appear upfront on Google searches. You only pay when somebody actually goes to your site, even as you are displayed every time somebody searches. The trick is to find the right words for the right people to find you, and the right negative words to avoid traffic that was looking for something else. When set up well you only pay to reach those already interested in your product; set up poorly you pay for traffic that got diverted to you when looking for something else.

Search engine Optimization (SEO) This is getting your site on the first page of a net Search, the first place people look. Getting on the first page is a multi-discipline task; or put another way, it requires every aspect of your site to be of the highest standard. As site integration is part of a site’s quality this means blogs, directory links and social connection areas essential for your business as good graphics and website content. Every aspect of internet marketing has at least some influence on SEO. We aim to optimize them all.

Website for phones People quite often look for services when out and about. If your site appears on their smartphone you have a great opportunity to reach them. A regular site isn’t suitable for the small screen on a phone, and individuals won’t stand for a site that takes more than a few seconds to appear. A site designed for mobiles is great for local restaurants and any form of entertainment.

Emails and text messages are great if you already have a list of regular clients. Fashion, consumables and entertainment benefit greatly from this. Not only does the company keep its steady business, but the clients tend to like the fact they are kept up to date. None of these stand in isolation; a good web design helps you SEO considerably, and lowers the cost for Adwords. Social links and directory listings also help SEO, but are quite effective advertising in their own right. Blogs are great when people aren’t searching for anything particular at the moment, but find a need they didn’t know they had.

Check out our website and blog for more information and feel free to contact us for any enquiries. We are always here to help your business move up the ladder.