About Us

About Us

Making the right custom website and find the right digital marketing campaign for your company - We Enquire, Consult, Design, Develop, Test and Implement what you need.

Who We Are... GNA

Based in Sydney and founded in 2011, GNA eMarketing has many years of experience in web design & development, app development, digital marketing and web hosting. Creatively collaborating with your own ideas & needs our experiences & strategies can enable you to find the most effective and cost-efficient way to reach your potential customers and generate higher sales. Whether you have a start-up business or you are seeking more business opportunities, we can cater a package for your needs & budget.

Our Services

Responsive Web Design - over 50% of online traffic is from mobile devices. All websites we make are ready for this.

Ecommerce sites with Online Shopping Cart and reputable Payment facilities such as Paypal, Stripe and Afterpay.

Web Hosting: We have servers located in Sydney so you don't need to spend time looking elsewhere.

Security measures: 256 bit encrypted access with SSL certificates. Let others and Google know you are completely legitimate. Several levels of protection available.

Search Engine Optimisation: Having a great site without exposure does not help your business. We can improve your online presence with our Google SEO service.

Google Ads Management: As a Google certified Partner, GNA can help you to achieve your goals on Google Ads.

Affordable Online Solutions

Digital Marketing is essential for getting your company’s name and services recognised. Finding clients amongst hundreds of competitors is quite a task.

GNA eMarketing understands the importance of the online market and is eager to provide the right knowledge and skills to businesses not yet established in these areas. From Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to Social Media Marketing we cover every aspect of building the type of company awareness and competitive edge that leads to quality traffic, higher sales, increased visibility and solid brand loyalty.

If you have a useful service or product, there is a potential market to be found through the internet. Today’s marketing is no longer about promoting you company everywhere and hoping that the right demographic is being reached. Instead, we aim to connect your company to the right target audience. Advertising once required a huge investment. We now have modern technologies and techniques to lower the barriers for promoting smaller businesses, but these techniques require considerable skills if we are to have an efficient campaign. Efficiency is targeting the right audience, location and timing for the best ROI (Return on Investment), and GNA is here to help.


EARLY 2022

  • Pandemic to Endemic
  • Majority of Staff Returned to Office
  • GNA eSecurity Website Launch
  • Website Maintenance Packages Launch
  • Cyber Security - NSW Business Connect Seminar at Granville Centre by Andrew Kim

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LATE 2021

  • GNA logo registered as a trademark
  • Adoption of Fraud Click Detection/Protection for PPC

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Company BIO in Early2021

EARLY 2021

  • Recreation of GNA Logo
  • gnaemarketing.com.au Site Redesign
  • Facebook Marketing Member
  • COVID Safe Business

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Company BIO in Late2020

LATE 2020

  • Staff have continued working from home since the outbreak
  • Shopify eCommerce subdivided package launched
  • Digital Marketing content & price updated
  • Digital Marketing animation video launched
  • Facebook Registered Agency

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Company BIO in Early2020

EARLY 2020

  • COVID-19 Outbreak
  • Majority Staff working from home
  • COVID-19 Client Support Plan Introduced
  • Web/APP Integrated Solutions Launched

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Company BIO in Late2019

LATE 2019

  • Office Relocation to Chatswood Business District

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Company BIO in Early2019

EARLY 2019

  • Server Upgrade at Server Australia
  • gnaemarketing.com.au Site Renewal

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Company BIO in Late2018

LATE 2018

  • GNA Digital Academy Business Registration
  • GNA Hub (Internal Task Management Tool) launched
  • Project Management Team Reformation
  • Facebook Live Streaming Services Starts
  • Colleague of Year Awardee: Jae Sim

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Company BIO in Early2018

EARLY 2018

  • Google Cloud Platform Hosting Service commenced
  • Fourth Google Partners Connect held at the GNA boardroom

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Company BIO in Early2017

EARLY 2017

  • Amazon Web Service Backup Service commenced
  • Third Google Partners Connect held at the GNA boardroom
  • Achieved Google Special Challenge - granted to Owen Woo

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Company BIO in Late2016

LATE 2016

  • Office Relocation due to business growth

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Company BIO in Early2016

EARLY 2016

  • Became Bing Accredited Professional
  • Second Google Partners Connect held at the GNA boardroom

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Company BIO in Late2015

LATE 2015

  • First Google Partners Connect held at the GNA boardroom
  • First Google Master Class

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Company BIO in Early2014

EARLY 2014

  • Colocation of data-centre at Server Australia at Alexandria NSW 2015
  • Became Google Certified App Authorised Reseller
  • Google Partners Master Class

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Company BIO in Late2013

LATE 2013

  • Became registered IOS Developer
  • Became registered Android App Developer
  • UTS Internship Program: Peter Ha

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Company BIO in Early2013

EARLY 2013

  • Internal Development Server/Hosting commenced

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Company BIO in Late2012

LATE 2012

  • Became Official Google Partner

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Company BIO in Early2012

EARLY 2012

  • Became TPP Reseller
  • Achieved Google AdWords Certification
  • Cloud Solution Architect / Integration Map launched

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Company BIO in Late2011

LATE 2011

  • First official website gnaemarketing.com.au Launched

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Company BIO in Early 2011

EARLY 2011

  • Company Founded
  • 2011 Sydney CeBIT Show, exhibited with a Joint Venture, LST Co.
  • First official Workshop at Potter’s Cottage in the Blue mountains

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